NBHA 2023 Important Updates

As we come to a close on the 2022 season we’d like to provide some general information for our members going into 2023.

Here the best points of contact to help alleviate lost emails or mail:

Mailing & Shipping Address:NBHA, 2112 Montgomery St., Fort Worth, TX 76107General Phone Line:(706) 722-7223 | Monday-Friday | 9AM – 6 PM ESTGeneral Email:nbha@nbha.com (great email to use – as all staff members access it daily)Show Specific Email:events@nbha.com (goes straight to Stefani Hofman, Event Coordinator)NOTE: Please always check your spam if you’re expecting a response from the National Office.

Wildcard Policy Changes
Due to membership seasonality changing to a calendar year we are updating the wildcard requirements for using a transferred wildcard. No changes will be made to the policy regarding wildcards that you have personally won with your name on it. Moving forward into 2023 it will no longer be required to have held a membership for a full consecutive year prior to a World Championship event in order to use a transferred wildcard. Now you will need to have a membership as of March 1st of the current year you wish to attend either World Championship show in order to use a transferred wildcard. Just a reminder that anyone using a wildcard (in their name or with a transfer sheet) must provide an image of the wildcard they will be using to qualify their entry once they enter online and once verified must be turned into NBHA via mail or at race check in prior to their first run to qualify their entry. Failure to turn in the original wildcard results in a disqualification. If you have any questions or need clarification feel free to reach out to us at nbha@nbha.com.
NBHA Official Rule Book Update
Every year after careful consideration and discussion we update the Official NBHA Rulebook.We make these changes with all members in mind in order to facilitate NBHA’s evolution and growth. We will post the new year’s edits and final version as well as the previous year’s for reference at the start of the new year.If you have any questions or need clarification, please check with your District Director. If you’re unsure of their contact information it is available on your member portal via our website or the “Find Your District” tab of the website.
Don’t Forget! 2023 NBHA Season Open for RenewalThe 2023 season is also open to renew your membership! Click below for a link to the membership portal so you can login via “Returning NBHA Member”.
For anyone who can’t remember their username or password there are links underneath those fields to help you recover that information OR you can email into nbha@nbha.com for help.